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The Ouakeimeden: 1 DAY

A Oukaimeden Excursion is an incredible way that allows you to discover the beauty and charm of a ski area considered to be the best team in Africa and snowy covering about 300 hectares for the enjoyment of skiing.

The departure of Oukaimeden excursions is Marrakech; By taking the road up to Oukaimeden you can discover beautiful landscapes, including villages built on mountain slopes and are handpainted ocher stone, and of course you can enjoy the occasion and visit the villagers highly known for their generosity and sympathy. Arriving on site you can use the chairlifts and drag lifts for a first discovery before changing to a beautiful Ski session.

NB DAYS HOTEL 2 person 3 person 4 person 5 person 6 person
1DAY NO 50€ * 40€ * 35€ * 30€ * 25€ *

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